Dr. Rebecca Harding

Independent trade and supply chain expert and the Author of the book, The Weaponization of Trade: The Great Unbalancing of Politics and Economics

Dr. Rebecca Harding is is an independent speaker and trade and trade finance economist. In 2022 she was awarded the “Net Zero Entrepreneur of the Year” at the annual Scale Up Group’s Enterprise Awards event for her role founder of Coriolis Technologies, a data and analytics provider for the trade finance space specialising in sustainability measurement.

She has held senior positions at Deloitte, London Business School, the Work Foundation, and UK Finance. She acted as Specialist Adviser to the Treasury Select Committee and advised the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship. She has acted as a trade finance and supply chains expert witness, is a member of the World Trade Board, the ITFA’s ESG Committee and the ICC’s sustainable trade finance technology sub-committee. She is a Senior Fellow of the British Foreign Policy Group. Between 2004 and 2018 she was a Director and Trustee of the German-British Forum.

She co-authored “The Weaponization of Trade: the Great Unbalancing of Policy and Economics" and “Gaming Trade: Win-Win Strategies for the Digital Era.” She has authored 8 other books on the German economy, global innovation policy and SME financing. Her high media profile includes frequent appearances on BBC Television and Radio including The Context, Sky News and the Ian King Show, CNBC, and Times Radio, as well as citations in the broadsheet media.


Friday March, 3

Panel IV: Russia's Military Resurgence - A Closer Reality Than Anticipated

This panel of specialists will evaluate Russia's military revival at its unprecedented losses in Ukraine and its consequences for global and regional security. The emphasis will be on the speed and scope of Russia's military revival, as well as its influence on the international community. The discussion will also dive into how Russia's military comeback might lead it to develop new capabilities, which will also include political and economic considerations. With tensions between Russia and the West still high, this panel offers a timely and critical evaluation of Russia's military capabilities.