Konstantin Eggert

Freelance Journalist

Konstantin Eggert MBE is an independent Russian journalist and political commentator. He is a Russian affairs analyst for DW (Deutsche Welle), Germany’s international broadcaster. He also hosts 

 ‘Trending’, DW’s Russian language interview programme. In 2016-2018 Konstantin Eggert worked for TV Rain, Russia’s groundbreaking  independent TV channel. He also worked for Kommersant, Russia's oldest private media group, as well as for ExxonMobil Russia Inc., where he was Vice-President for Public and Government Affairs in 2009-2010. In 1998-2009 Mr Eggert was with the BBC World Service, including 7 years as the BBC Russian Service Moscow Bureau Chief in 2002-2009. In 2008 HM the Queen created Mr Eggert Honorary Member of the Order of the British Empire. He is a summa cum laude graduate of the Moscow University Institute of Asian and African Studies, where he studies Arabic language and Middle East history. He speaks English, French, and Arabic. 


Friday March, 3

Panel VI: Russia's Difficult Journey towards a Stable and Normal Future

This panel brings together experts to explore Russia's path towards a more democratic and less aggressive future. The focus will be on the political, economic, and social reforms that are necessary for Russia to shift towards a more open and inclusive society, and the strategies that can be used pursued to achieve this goal. The discussion will delve into the domestic and international potential for democratization from the Russian opposition, and the implications for Russia's future trajectory. The panel will also examine the role of external factors, including the international community, in shaping Russia's journey towards greater democracy and reduced aggression. With Russia at a critical and dangerous juncture, this panel provides a crucial examination of the country's path towards a more open and peaceful future.