André Loesekrug-Pietri

Chairman, Joint European Disruptive Initiative

Andre Loesekrug-Pietri is currently chairman of the Joint European Disruptive Initiative. He is a private pilot and Colonel of the French Air Forces People’s Reserve, and former assistant to the CEO of Aerospatiale-Airbus. He spent 15 years working in private equity and venture capital. In 2017, he became Special Advisor to the French Minister of Defence, addressing especially issues of European Defence Policy, innovation and technology. Additionally, he is a member of the Innovation Board of the Munich Security Conference. Pietri was also awarded as “Young Leader” by the World Economic Forum. He is a graduate from HEC and Harvard Kennedy School, and attended Sup-Aero aerospace engineering school.  


Thursday March, 3

Panel II: Are Russia and China Encroaching on Europe?

A pragmatic economic partner or an adversary? Both labels have been applied to Russia and China, and such debates have strained Euro-Atlantic solidarity. Before the invasion of Ukraine, Russia and China had been getting closer. What are the defining characteristics of these Sino-Russian relations, and what does this imply for the future of Europe? Is this a marriage of convenience, or are there deeper motives at work? How will the current war in Ukraine change these dynamics? This panel will discuss these topics and more.