Maria Snegovaya

Visiting scholar, the institute for European, Russia, and Eurasian Studies and Illiberalism Studies Program at George Washington University

Maria Snegovaya is a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies and a fellow a part of the Illiberalism Studies Program. Since 2020, Snegovaya has been a postdoctoral fellow at Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and a research fellow at the Center for European Union, Transatlantic, and Trans-European Space Studies. Her research interests include party politics, political behavior, and political economy, and she explores the ongoing democratic backsliding and reautocratization in Eastern Europe and the tactics used by Russian actors and proxies who circulate disinformation to exploit these dynamics in the region. She also studies Russia’s domestic and foreign policy. Snegovaya’s recently published articles are “Fellow Travelers or Trojan Horses? Similarities Across Pro-Russian Parties’ Electorates in Europe” Party Politics (2021) and “How Ex-Communist Left Parties Reformed and Lost” West European Politics (2021). Snegovaya speaks English, French, and Russian. 


Thursday March, 3

Night Owl Session under the Chatham House Rule: Aggressive at Home and Abroad

For Conference Guests in Tartu Only


With opposition at home and abroad, Russia has taken a hardline line on both. With the Russian opposition's current options of imprisonment, repression, exile – or now even execution – is there a future for those partisans of democracy both inside and outside of Russia? What would such a Russian transition to democracy look like considering the domestic conditions that strongly echo those of seventy years ago? This panel will debate these issues in accordance with Chatham House rules.

Moderator: Col. (ret.) Dr. Zdzislaw Sliwa, Dean of the Baltic Defence College